Scholars will be required to record themselves performing their assignment, and submit these recordings to Mr. Leslie electronically. The reasoning for this procedure is twofold: 1) These recorded assessments provide a tangible and documented record of student performance. Recordings may be reviewed as evidence of a student’s grade, and as a method to track student progress over the course of a year/s. 2) Performance assessments must be conducted, but the process takes away from valuable rehearsal time that is needed to prepare for concerts. By having students submit recordings electronically, in-class rehearsal time may focus on preparation for performance. Students may practice performance assessments on their own time, at their convenience, and submit their best product for evaluation.


Two to four performance assessments will be assigned per month. Students will have one week (7 days) to complete the performance assessment for evaluation, but may submit recordings at any time up to the posted deadline. Early submissions are accepted and encouraged!

Students may use any method of recording (video/audio or audio only recordings will be accepted): video camera, phone, tablet, personal recorder, or computer, as long as the audio quality of the recording is high enough for an accurate evaluation. Students who do not have access to this technology or internet at home may check out one of the department handheld recording devices. Please note: students may be held liable if the department recording device is lost, damaged, or stolen. Additionally, students may complete their performance assessment in the band room before school, after school, or during lunch hours (please schedule this in advance with Mr. Leslie!)

Recording Requirements:

  • Clearly state your name at the beginning of the recording
  • The recording must be one complete uninterrupted performance of the assessment. Do not stop and start over within a recording. If you need to start over, restart the recording. Edited/pasted audio/video will not be accepted.
  • All Players: Make sure that the recording device is not too close to the instrument. Doing so may cause the recording device to peak, distorting the quality of the audio. It’s a good idea to test the position of the recording device, play a small sample, and check the quality of the audio prior to recording the playing assessment.
  • Percussion: Percussion must submit video recordings. Ensure that sticking is clearly visible in the recording.

submit a performance assessment

performance assessment grading rubric